A Quarter of a Million Tune in to InterBe Interview

22 Jun A Quarter of a Million Tune in to InterBe Interview

Two of InterBe’s directors have been interviewed on the radio, giving a fascinating insight into how we create and believe stories about ourselves.

InterBe’s Kate Philbin and Simon Daly were interviewed in depth about their work in a 25-minute slot on Radio Devon, a station which, according to latest figures, attracts some 267,000 listeners – more than a quarter of the county’s entire population!

The interview with presenter Judi Spiers was featured on her morning show on May 21. It gave the show’s large audience a chance to hear about InterBe’s pioneering work in Narrative Transformation – the process by which we can unlock long-held negative beliefs and stories about ourselves in order to change them and choose a life we love.

During the interview, Kate shared with listeners how, having been recruited by InterBe as a writer, she had recently started to take singing lessons – despite having believed since the age of 11 that she could not sing a note.

She said: “I got a call from a local business called InterBe and I got really interested in the work they do.

“They’re all about helping people to identify the stories they tell themselves, this is like the internal voice that we have that tells us what we can and can’t do and what we can and can’t be. InterBe has ways of looking at identifying what those stories are. I have always believed since the age of 11 that I couldn’t sing – last week I went and I had a singing lesson…I couldn’t believe the sound that came out of my mouth!”

Kate, a journalist and writer of 25 years’ experience, also revealed that she had also been recently able to finally achieve reconciliation with a close family member, having long thought it would be impossible.

During the interview, Simon was able to explain his work for InterBe and how he came to be involved in the company. After a previous career in the construction industry, he was inspired to join his wife in a personal development programme which led to his current job as one of InterBe’s directors. He told Judi how the initial personal training he received prompted him to think about himself in a new light. He said: “For the first time in my life, I took a look at Simon and how I operate and how I think.”
For the past eight years Simon has provided coaching to people from all walks of life, from company directors to individuals who want to change the way they think of themselves and explore their potential.

The radio interview with Simon and Kate was triggered by Kate’s inspiring new website, http://upliftingstories.co.uk/. Describing the genesis of the site, Kate shared how she had long suffered with depression and had come to realise that much of her negative mood was prompted by the daily onslaught from negative news stories. She underwent a month-long “media fast” in an attempt to stave off the continual shroud of negative feeling, and afterwards started her website which features the positive stories of people who have managed to transform extremely negative situations such as death and illness into wonderful, uplifting ones.

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